Gregg Dixon wasn’t happy in his construction job, but while working on a particularly large house, he saw what he calls “all the cool things that could be done with electronics.” He decided to put his time and energy into doing what he loved and started AV Specialists in 1995. The company installs smart technology systems in homes and commercial spaces. Their systems range from lighting control to security to home-theater design.

When the recession hit in 2008, Dixon had to cut his staff in half and faced an uncertain future. That’s where SCORE came in. 

My successes. 

AV Specialists not only survived the recession but have grown substantially. Dixon has done so by catering to high-end clientele and becoming an elite player in the field.

How SCORE helped. 

Dixon strategized with SCORE mentors Keith Knowles and Mats Bengston about how to keep and grow his business. He tells other small business owners: “You are going to need an uninvolved party that can offer you advice, someone unattached to the outcome of your choices . . . SCORE for me has given the ability to bounce ideas off of people that have been down the road before.”

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