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Trademarks: Everything You Need to Know - Part II

July 21, 2019,

What makes a strong trademark, and how should you protect it? Learn about the four categories of marks and the degree of protection afforded.


Trademarks: Everything You Need to Know - Part I

July 14, 2019,

We’ll dive into the details of what actually constitutes a trademark, and how you can protect your trademark rights.


How to Market a New Invention

It’s every entrepreneur’s dream to come up with the perfect new product guaranteed to fly off the shelves.How do you market your new invention? Read more


Keep Up with Trends by Diversifying Your Product Line

June 20, 2019,

Change is a part of business, and success depends on adaptability. The best way to meet the changing needs of customers is to diversify your product lines.


Inventory Management: Is It Time For A Change?

June 8, 2019,

Poor inventory management can result in operational downtime and loss of business and revenue. Here's how to make changes to your processes.


Is Your Product Ready for Walmart?

May 14, 2019,

Does your small business have what it takes to sell products to Walmart? Read how to prepare your pitch for their annual “Made in the USA” Open Call event.


How to Profit From a Fad

May 12, 2019

Do you know what is a fad, and how to profit from one? Learn how to study a fad's potential and act on it quickly.


Infographic: Manufacturing & Small Business

Did you know that 98.6% of manufacturing companies are small businesses? Our latest infographic details the strength of small businesses in the manufacturing industry. Read more


Podcast: Maria Dellapina, Owner of Specs4Us

In this podcast, Ramon Ray chats with Maria Dellapina, owner of Specs4Us, a company that creates specialty glasses for people with Down syndrome. Read more