Pricing for Profit December 21, 2020
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Many businesses set their selling prices by simply copying what their competitors charge. While this might work, it will often lead to losses and not profits for any individual company. In order to Price for Profit, a company needs to know their costs – both variable and fixed. A company also needs to know what the market will pay for a given product and what their competitors are charging. After all of these factors have been reviewed, a reasonable price structure can be established.

In this Webinar you will learn...

  • The basics of understanding your costs of doing business
  • How to relate these costs to an understanding of Gross Profit, Margin and Markup.

Listen to this webinar and you should be in a much better position to put the RIGHT PRICE on your product or service.

Click this link to access handouts: Pricing For Profit - Google Drive

Guest presenter: John Hanson, SCORE

Pricing for Profit