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Pinellas County SCORE offers 30+ volunteer mentors to assist you locally by consulting on a wide range of small business issues. Browse mentor profiles to find your ideal expert or ask a question. Weekend appointments now available!

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Request a Mentor

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Browse Mentor Profiles

Mentor Profiles

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5 Simple Steps to SCORE Mentoring:

Step 1 - Identify your business question

Identify your small business needs and desired support.

Step 2 - Search for a mentor, or let your local chapter pair you with a mentor

Request a SCORE Mentor as your advisor to small business success.

Step 3 - Step 3 - Submit a mentoring request to share your business question with an expert.

Schedule a mentoring session with your assigned SCORE mentor

Step 4 - Start working on your business goals with help from your mentor.

Set goals for your small business with guidance from your SCORE mentor.

Step 5 - Continue working with your mentor throughout the life of your business.

Work with your SCORE mentor through the life of your business.

Our Mentors

Customer Service Human Resources Management & Operations Strategy Development
I enjoy mentoring a business owner and or a business management team. My skill set is more focused on supporting the... Read More >
Accounting & Finance Business Plan Management & Operations Marketing Product Development Strategy Development
In a few months I plan on retiring and would like to help small business grow their business. I wish to remain active... Read More >
Business Plan Customer Service Management & Operations Supply Chain Management
Supply chain expert with experience in manufacturing, planning, warehousing, and transportation; 30+ years with a large... Read More >
Business Plan Customer Service Government Regulations Human Resources
I have more than 40 years of HR experience and I have worked in all areas of HR, including hiring, interviewing,... Read More >
Import & Export Product Development Sales Technology
I will like to help the manufacturers to sale / export their products to India as I have a 25 years of sales experience... Read More >
Business Plan Customer Service Management & Operations Marketing Strategy Development Technology
Quite simply to assist businesses and business leaders to be more successful. As a former company president my passion... Read More >
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Frequently Asked Questions

SCORE mentoring is a free service offered to any citizen or permanent resident that owns or wants to start a business. Partnering with you one-on-one, SCORE mentors support your success through offering experienced advice, consulting on best practices, and educating on small business topics.
SCORE mentors bring years of business experience, many of them successful small business owners themselves. Mentors volunteer through SCORE to help other entrepreneurs like you, by sharing their real-world experience and bona fide knowledge in running successful small businesses. SCORE mentors also provide practical tools and resources to make some owner tasks easier.
SCORE mentors will not make decisions for you or complete important ownership tasks on your behalf. They also cannot provide tax or legal advice. However, SCORE mentors can provide clear guidance on what your options are so you can confidently make decisions and take positive action toward your own success.
SCORE mentoring sessions are collaborative meetings between the small business owner and the SCORE mentor. During these sessions, you can share your business goals, progress, challenges and questions. SCORE mentors will offer advice, resources, and insights so you gain clarity on your next best steps.
A SCORE mentoring relationship lasts as long as you need it. That can mean it is a few meaningful sessions to achieve a specific goal or overcome a particular challenge. Or, it can be a SCORE mentoring relationship lasts for years, when you always have a trusted advisor for the life of your small business.

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